About My Work

Natural Surroundings

I grew up in the heart of the White Mountains and spend many days on the coast in Massachusetts and Maine. With such magnificent natural settings surrounding me, there is little wonder that nature plays a prominent role in my art. I try to capture a fleeting moment in nature that I find compelling – like the veins running through a rocky ledge, the way sunlight and shadow play across a snow-covered field, the sun-bleached side of a New England barn, or the light hitting the back of a foraging deer.


I am an illustrator by training, so my work is highly representative. I like things to look the way they really are. (Or at least as close as my means allow.) Mother nature can hardly be improved upon. 

I live with my wife, Samantha and our three wonderful children in Reading, MA, but we spend as much time as we can at Camp Cove in Brooksville, ME or North Conway, NH with the grandparents. 

Aunt Dud's Mince Meat Pies
"Best in Show", Reading Art Association, May, 2012
Ice In The Cove